First Steps: Welcome to Los Santos

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First Steps: Welcome to Los Santos Empty First Steps: Welcome to Los Santos

Post by Admin_Skwurl on Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:50 am

You see a tall four-sided stand with small brochures on it that says "New To Los Santos?". You stare for a second before walking over to it and pulling one of the rectangle brochures out of the plastic holder.

"Welcome to Sunny Safe Los Santos! We are so happy to have you loitering around our streets! This is a quick start guide to get you moving in our beautiful, smog covered city.

Jobs: Jobs are probably the most important element to beginning your new life here in the City of Saints. It's quite simple to get a job. You can either contact the Employment Agency, or you can spend days upon days searching until you find a hiring employer. Minimum wage: $600/week
Vehicles: You cannot legally purchase a vehicle without a driver's license. So you first need to contact the Department Of Motor Vehicles(DMV) and schedule a driving test to claim your license. Once claimed, you will be given a License Number. Your license number is linked with your file, and contains all licenses you've achieved as well as any warrants or citations you may receive. After you have your number, you may proceed to purchase any vehicle. Make sure you register it, or it is not legally yours. Golf Carts, Dirtbikes, and any other vehicles without a license plate, do not require a driver's license to operate, but they cannot be operated on city roads. Bicycles are an exception to this rule.
Property: (While we cannot stop you from accessing your GTA Online properties for clothing and storage reasons...) Thanks to the nightly breeze from the Pacific Ocean, San Andreas can reach some pretty low temperatures, even in the Summer. It's probably in your best interest to rent an apartment or a house. Not to mention owning property is owning territory. Contact Los Santos Real Estate or check out the Real Estate section.
Self Defense: There's some bad people out there. Armed criminals LOVE unarmed civilians. But, just as with a vehicle, legally purchasing a firearm requires a license. Only those who haven't been convicted of a felony involving illegal firearms can apply for a Firearms License. Only semi-automatic firearms can be purchased legally. Contact the Courthouse or your local Police Department for more info.
Drugs: Drugs are cheats. They are highly illegal, but not against the rules. The easiest way to obtain them in through the Black Market, which can only be accessed if you know the right people and they trust you. If you can learn the right recipes, you can create the drugs themselves. But that requires having the right ingredients, the right equipment, and the time to prepare them.
Police/SRT: As stated above, bad people exist. And the police are there to help you, not hurt you. They will not fire unless fired upon, and they will not arrest you over a simple speeding charge. Treat them with respect, and they'll treat you with respect.

Now you know the basics of life here in the city of Saints! Now get out there and make the best of yourself!"

(If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact any Admin or Moderator)


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