What sets us apart from other Roleplay communities?

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What sets us apart from other Roleplay communities? Empty What sets us apart from other Roleplay communities?

Post by Admin_Skwurl on Wed Jul 19, 2017 1:54 am

GTAVLRP has three main focuses. Realism, Immersion, and Storytelling. These qualities are what truly sets us apart. We don't just want you live a boring day to day life. That's what usually draws players towards basing their characters around a criminal lifestyle. We want you to set goals for your character. We want you to be more than a citizen. So, we have implemented a few unusual concepts that we hope will bring your character life.

Realism is our first key focus. Licenses are implemented into our system, just as they would be. Driver's licenses, firearm licenses, and more balance out players. They keep criminals from owning guns, dangerous drivers from owning vehicles, and scandals from owning businesses. Driver's licenses are easy to obtain. Just pass a simple driving test, and you're golden. Firearms licenses are a little more difficult. Your felony record must be clean and stay that way. Marijuana growth and distribution is a tricky one. We'll cover that in a later thread.

Immersion is the illusion that you're actually living the game, not just playing it. It's what drives roleplayers to make legitimate decisions and makes them want to enjoy themselves and have fun with fellow players. What gives our game true immersion, is the fact that you can do whatever you want to do, if you can use your imagination. We already have recruits that have requested amazingly creative occupations. Like singer/songwriter, director/actor, tennis/golfer- I mean, the minds of roleplayers alone give the game this sense of freedom that is constantly growing. If you can imagine it, you can do it.

Storytelling, my personal favorite. While you're out grinding for cash, and managing your businesses, the world still goes on. And the world is always cooking something up. Whether it be something small like a cross country bicycle race or a hidden treasure, or something life changing like a foreign invasion or martial law, it will truly put your character to the test. The 'Weasel News' section of the forums will document every event, and include a section for you to document your sessions. This is a story. Your story. Our stories.

There is one other thing that we pride ourselves in, our Property System.
Properties are a huge part of GTAVLRP. Owning property gives you opportunities for making money, controlling territory, and interacting with players. Because of this, we have decided that every single building and property in San Andreas in purchasable, excluding governmental buildings. Everything from the slums of Forum Dr. to LSIA. Every business has a weekly income, and certain responsibilities you or your employees(non-AI) must maintain once per week. As for homes, an often overlooked feature in GTA is the uniqueness of each and every home in San Andreas. Homes provide shelter, social status, defense, and parties every weekend! All homes are priced based on amenities relevant to you as a player. Besides GTAO homes, interior does not affect the price at all. But garage size, view, location, defense, space, etc. all play a role in factoring the price of a home. Keep in mind, when you first begin your life in GTAVLRP, you will NOT have legitimate access to your home or garage. It is recommended you have a 2-6 car garage just for RP vehicles.


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